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We Truly Care

Marc Gagné, Carpenter


Marc has extensive experience as a carpenter and has been working for Sohm Builders since the company started in 2011. He is well known in the construction and renovation field for his quality workmanship and his attention to detail!

We come to work smiling and ready to work hard to get the job done safely and efficiently. We have a passion for construction and renovation. and we are dedicated to completing projects based on the customers' choices and specifications.

We Love What We Do

Our attention to detail ensures the success of any project. We believe in partnership and trust and work diligently with our clients to achieve an end result that matches their vision. .

Why choose us

We pride ourselves on a job done well. We don't only ensure to meet code but we often exceed it to make sure your project will be safe and beautiful for years to come.

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Dependable Staff

Our loyal staff is punctual, accountable and ready to work. Our staff has been with the company since its inception and takes pride in our company's reputation.

Ryan Sohm, Owner/Carpenter


Ryan has a background in forestry and residential construction and renovations. He started Sohm Builders in 2011 and has been busy ever since. Ryan prides himself on the quality of his work and is dedicated to ensuring his customers' satisfaction.

John Kennedy, Landscaper/Carpenter


John is one of Sohm Builders' primary sub-contractors and the owner of My Landscaper.  He has extensive experience in landscape design and build and specializes in creative outdoor kitchens, entertainment areas and water features.

Leave it to us

Doing it yourself is not always feasible or possible. Rely on our knowledge and experience instead.

Quality Workmanship